Icons of Music

A series of vector art illustrations of the most iconic individuals in music history. Designed digitally and printed on canvas fabric, each illustration is stretched over a polystyrene panel that is then wired with electro-mechanic actuators that induce sound waves into the panel.

Each of these designs create an array of DML (flat panel) speakers that fill our gallery with full, rich, multi-channel stereo sound; creating a viewing and listening experience in the gallery that is ever changing.

(links below take you to our facebook page which includes pictures of each canvas speaker taken in the gallery)

Bob Marley

Freddie Mercury

Chris Cornell

Eddie Vedder


Kurt Cobain

Jimi Hendrix

Elvis Presley

Mick Jagger

Janis Joplin

Dolly Parton

Merle Haggard


Willie Nelson

Tupac Shakur

Snoop Dogg

Johnny Cash

Michael Jackson

Ella Fitzgerald

Notorious B.I.G.

Ludwig van Beethoven

Bruce Springsteen

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